Bintangs + Surf + Monkeys: Why You Need To Visit Uluwatu Today

So who knew that Uluwatu can be so exciting?!

Today I’m relaxing at the beach in Uluwatu Bali while my boyfriend is surfing and writing this article.Surf In Uluwatu

It’s my second time here and I’m truly in love with this place. Far from crazy Kuta streets you can definitely relax here and enjoy Balinese hospitality.

No one is too pushy here and everyone is not trying to sell you something

Coming to Bali you really have to ask yourself what you are looking for from holiday and based on this choose your destination.

Starting from Uluwatu as this is my favourite place there is so much to do and see here.

Located south, this is the cliff side of the island and you have to take serious amount of steps to get to any beach but once you see that crystal blue water and gold sand you won’t regret it.

Some of the great beaches include Padang Padang, Bingin, Uluwatu, Balangan which is newlywed picture spot or Dreamland which is usually really crowded in peak season(June – Septemberish).

Lovely view of Padang Padang beach from the bridge

Eat, Pray, Love was filmed here..

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu temple is a must, located within short distance from most popular surf spots attracts thousands of visitors all year round. The temple is one of the most important worship places on the island and hosts daily Kecak dance performances.

Kecak dance performance in Uluwatu before sunset

You can definitely spend here few hours taking in the amazing views and enjoying red sunsets while watching the dance. The best time to come is probably just before sunset 5 – 6 pm so you can get the most of your visit.

The entry to the temple isn’t expensive at all. If you are coming by bike or a car there is a small entry fee for parking. Then proceeding to the entry of the temple you need to pay for entry.

There they will give you a sarong if you are wearing shorts to cover your legs and also you will be able to purchase treats for the local monkeys who just love to steal from you.

I saw monkeys taking off people’s sunglasses, cameras, drinks etc. I was a victim of their crime as they were desperate to take my blingy flip-flops!

So if you are planning to check out the temple make sure to put everything away before socialising with these ‘locals’ and don’t panic if they do become too friendly.

monkeys padang padang (1)

There are many great restaurants around the area depending really what your budget is and what you feel like eating.

Just next to the temple is a place called Uluwatu cafe(recently moved 2 min drive from there) It is probably one of the best restaurants in the area!

You can have a meal from as little as 20-40 thousand Rupiah at local Warungs with rice, meat, fish and so on or dine at many amazing restaurants.

Traveling around Bali makes me think that even though Uluwatu isn’t as popular for holidays, is the to go to place if you want to eat well.

The cuisine ranges from Indonesian, Thai, Italian, Brazilian, Spanish, Organic fusion to really everything that you could possibly wish for.

We went to each one of them many times, normally we wouldn’t have the time but if you stay three months or longer like we did you will know each menu by heart!

For unreal food we recommend:

(If you are on a budget these cost 40K RP – 100K plus! But well worth it)

Breakfast Jiwa Juice – They do package deals 40 -50K before 11 AM.  Very nice and lots of super healthy juices!

Lunch: Buddha Soul – Probably one of the most pricey places around but well worth. It’s one of the few organic restaurant’s in the area. Our favourite: Raw Salad

OmburgerJust above the surf shop and before Padang Padang. Some of the best burgers and organic juices you will ever have!

Dinner: Trattoria, Mango Tree, Uluwatu Café and virtually every other restaurant around. Seriously its hard to find a bad meal, unless your are not eating any Indonesian food.

When it comes to party there is always something going on during low or high season. First and most important to mention is without a doubt ‘Single Fin’ having Sunday sessions and Wednesday’s band night (finishes 10 pm-ish).

The lovely single fin! Many a drunken night to be had here

Many bintang’s are consumed here

cocktail single fin, Bali


It seems that everyone from around the island comes here on Sunday! There is 100’s of bikes everywhere. Not really any police in the Bukit area except for next to the turn off to Dreamland!

If you are on a moped and see them just try avoid them or hide behind another bike. They will just make you pay no matter what license you have or what your story is!

Make sure to come earlier before sunset to get a good spot to watch the sun go down and stick around for a wild night which never disappoints.


On Tuesdays ‘Mango Tree’ is the place to be with a band and everyone chilling out on the grass listening to music (or dancing).

Friday is ‘Mamo Hotel’ party with DJ but during low season the party only takes off after 11 pm. And always as it’s so important to mention, if you are looking for a quiet one there are always shops selling beer where you can get Bintang for really cheap and blend in with locals over few.

Bintang at sunset

Hit up Sheesha bar AKA Angel mart and say Hi to Darma! Hope you enjoyed this article, many more to come!

Wishing you lots of waves and Bintang’s

Steve + Sabina


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