Couple Takes Dog Travelling With Them And The Pics Are Incredible

In the past few years of our travels, we have often thought what it would be like to bring a dog travelling with us.

While scrolling through our Instagram feed, we came across Aspen The Mountain Pub.

With over 200k+ followers, this golden retriever is certainly not camera shy.


It’s my turn to steer the canoe.

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Saturday’s were made for this! Photo: @hunter_lawrence

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So ready for another road trip! Photo: @hunter_lawrence

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I made it to Canada with @hunter_lawrence and @sarah_michelle_lawrence! ?????? photo by @hunter_lawrence

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“Aspen’s as organic as it gets. Camera or no camera, it’s the same dog,” Hunter told The Dodo. Noting the difference between working with a human and a dog, he said: “There’s always the risk as soon as you pull out a camera that people will get shy. He’s fully secure. There’s just this connection between he and I.”

And the same goes for that smile. Hunter said: “We’re not doing something to make him smile. He’s just genuinely happy.”

The combination certainly makes for some incredible photos.

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