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11 Things You Must Do Before Any Long Haul Flight

We all had or will have long haul flight at some stage in our travels.

Surviving it is not always easy especially if you have more than two stopovers and the journey takes over 24hrs.

We aim to have all of them ticked off for every flight. Be sure to join our mailing list for new post updates. Here are best-tested tips:

11 Things You Must Do Before Any Long Haul Flight

1.Try and get an aisle! An aisle seat is a lifesaverAisle

When booking your flight make sure that you get aisle seat as this way you can stretch your legs a little bit more and you are not so squashed in between people on full flight (does not apply if you travel 1st class 😉 )

2.Don’t carry too muchTravelling light

Yes even though you put your stuff above your head don’t take more than you need.

When travelling long distances and having to change flights in between this comes very hard.

Even carry-on suitcase plus coat plus other bag makes it hard to deal with.

3.Drink loads and loads of water

Drink at least 2 litres before your flight and keep drinking throughout your journey. Yes as you suspect this will make you visit the toilet more often than usual but also will give you the opportunity to stretch your legs and they won’t be so swollen. The rule applies to other liquids too so stay hydrated 🙂

4.Wear comfortable clothingClothing

Wear something stretchy, loose and comfortable.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t look like a movie star on a red carpet, trust me no one does after 15hrs of flight.

It’s good to take some warm socks too and take off your shoes.

5.You may want to have deodorant and toothpaste handy

Well as you can figure out, you’ll wish some people never took their shoes off when travelling

Even though you think that you are ok and this doesn’t concern you – someone next to you may think otherwise.

6.Bring or buy a neck pillow! Neck pillows will become your best friend

This item is the one and only most important in our journeys.
Good comfortable neck pillow will not only help you not to feel pain but will prevent sleeping on a stranger’s shoulder.

You can get them at the airport, just make sure this is NOT inflatable one as they simply don’t work. Trust us they are worth the investment.

7.Invest in headphones + airline headphone adapterGood headphones

If you are travelling a lot you probably know by now that onboard headphones aren’t the best, in fact, they are horrible!

Investing in an own pair is wise and that way you can get rid of background noise too.

Just DO NOT forget to get headphone adapter as otherwise your headphones are useless. Some airlines now work without the adapters but it normally cost around $2 so better to be safe then sorry.

8.Look forward to aeroplane food.In Flight Meal

Yes, we all know how it tastes and there is nothing to be excited about.

If you have any allergies and dietary requirements mentioning it at booking stage is essential.

Being vegetarian I found the food easier to digest especially that you sit for hours without any movement. (You also get served first 😉

9.Get your favourite movies on your devices. Back to the future, the social network, or even a lord of the rings boxset

Even though a flight library is quite good you will find that you’ve seen almost everything.

If you have tablet take it with you adding movies you always wanted to see or you love and some good audio books.  (Do not forget USB cable to charge it )

10.You just want more space

Although you have no power over what people are you going to sit with, you can still change sits.

This rule however only applies when the aircraft isn’t full.

If you are sitting among others and see vacant spot next to you, ask to move. Just make sure to wait until the plane takes off and seatbelt sign is off. (Sometimes it takes two people to ask before they agree).

11.Bring a pen! 

Even if that doesn’t make sense to you now, you will realise that once it comes to fill in visa/migration cards/health checklist everyone is asking around for pens.

Having the same problem it took me three people + flight attendant before I managed to find one.  So it’s just easier to be prepared 🙂

Safe Flight.

Do you have any other long haul flight preparations? Comment below: