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Age Limit For Australian Working Holiday Visa Increased To 35

This is great news for looking for an Australian Working Holiday Visa

“From 1 November 2018, the age limit for Irish and Australian citizens wishing to avail of the Working Holiday Programme will increase by five years, to 35 years of age.

Age Limit For Australian Working Holiday Visa Increased To 35

I am very happy to report that the age limit for participation in the Australian “working holiday programme” has been increased from 30 to 35 years”, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Patrick O’Donovan has announced.

The Irish Times just published this post on the topic.

Mr O’Donovan announced the age extension during an official visit to Australia.

“The purpose of this programme is to promote cultural exchange and strengthen people-to-people links by creating opportunities for young people to travel.

“This extension of the eligible age not only allows a more diverse group of people to avail of this scheme but also helps to strengthen those links between our two countries even further.”

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Exciting times for all of you looking to get your Australian working holiday visa! 

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Age Limit For Australian Working Holiday Visa Increased To 35

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