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Trip Guide For 2 Weeks In Biarritz(Anglet) and Hossegor

France has amazing culture and best baguettes ever!

Finishing our 16 day trip to Biarritz didn’t come easy, the place is most definitely one of the top spots to visit.View from Virgin on the Rock

We decided to come here because of the surfing competition happening in Hossegor (Steve is crazy for surfing !:-)) and didn’t really do much research on the area. See photos below from the contest it was pumping waves pretty much the whole waiting period. Congrats to Gabriel Medina

The accommodation was booked a week in advance through AirBnB for €40 a night in one bedroom apartment in Anglet 10min away from the Chambre D’Amour.

We also decided to go for car hire because of the distance to the competition ( 30min to Hossegor) and Hertz is was the cheapest by far we used Drive Away to find the best rate!Grande Plage

16 days for € 280 with €150 deposit refunded the day after return, and the process couldn’t be easier.

Why stay in Anglet rather then Biarritz?

Anglet is small and charming with plenty of great places to eat, drink and embrace the French culture.

Biarritz is only a few mins away and if you wish you can take coastal walk to the place and discover views and the unique architecture of this town.Hotel du Palais


Chambre D’Amour with Lagunak bar serving amazing coffees in the morning and good cold sunset beers.

The place is closed afternoon so make sure to go for a morning walk to grab a coffee (espresso only €1 and beer €2.50) before noon and come back 6-7 pm to enjoy the sunset.Sunset in Amazing Anglet

Diavoli restaurant located close by serves great Saturday lunch.

Check out Tabac Journaux de 5 Cantons forSunday lunch.

This food market is packed with people enjoying oysters/cheese/ham/wine/beer so order and eat at the counter or take away – up to you 🙂

Boulangerie Patisserie has massive queues at weekends, but the wait is worth it.

Baguettes and croissants are to die for!

Tony Vespa pizzas(Anglet) – mushroom and truffles is a must try if you are nearby.

In Biarritz, we enjoyed Etxola Bibi bar located on the cliff overlooking the beach and Rocher de la Vierge (Virgin on the Rock – great viewpoint from there too).

The must do in this town is walk through its streets and the coastal walk where you can enjoy both architecture and ocean views.View Point in Biarritz

Hotel du Palais standing between Grande Beach and Beach de Miramar is one of the most iconic places in Biarritz and can’t be missed.

Hotel de l’Ocean restaurant serves the best mussels we ever had!

There is a countless amount of restaurants here but make sure that you are aware of the serving times as if you miss lunch hours (usually 12.30-2.00) you may have to stick to pastry shop until 6 pm when the dinner starts.

Hossegor 30 min drive from Biarritz or Anglet ( tolls cost €1.70 one way) has great surf/chill/relax vibe.Surf competition - World Surf League

The centre of the village has again restaurants packed with people and the beachfront serves good wine (beach 3 min drive from town centre). Apparently after the surf contest and in winter it’s a ghost town.Beach

Hossegor also has surf shop warehouses with massive sales so if you are planning shopping do check them out.

We hope that you enjoy the place as much as we did and find these tips useful 🙂