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Top 10 Things To Do in Boracay Island On a Budget

Boracay(Pronounced Borockay) is very popular within Asia and to be honest around the world. There are so many things to do in Boracay that can quickly eat away at your holiday budget.

We were just finished three months in Indonesia, and it was the start of our one month trip to the Phillippines.

So we figured a week in Boracay sure how much could it cost?

Turns out it was waaay more expensive than we had anticipated and if we had to do it all over again on a budget, we would do all of these ten things in Boracay on the budget we had.

Almost every person going to the Philippines thinks about visiting this popular island for few days.

We went to this gorgeous island for a week!

Below we talk about how to get there and where to eat etc. Then we go into our top 10 things to do in Boracay on a budget.

Enjoy and be sure to share if you found this useful, we appreciate it.

Getting to Boracay and around the island on a budget.

Traffic in Boracay.

How to get to Boracay Island

There are two options to get to Boracay from the mainland.

How to get to Boracay on a budget

Flying the fastest way to get to Boracay.


Option 1: Flying

This is the easier and quicker option. Flights can be as cheap as PHP 200 if booked well in advance and upwards of 1000-2000PHP+ if booked last minute.

Option 2(and a way more fun option): 

Take a ferry.

The decision was made based on price PHP 600-800 per person with dinner and bed.

Because we decided to go there the day before, flights didn’t come into consideration (way to expensive). The company that does the ferry is 2GoTravel, and it takes roughly 12hrs to get there.

The ferry is truly once in a lifetime experience so if you have enough time and want to get to know the real Filipino culture we suggest to take the ferry 🙂

We went for the bunk beds that sounded way more fun and were cheaper comparing to private cabins.

To get to the ferry you need to take a bus from Manila to Batangas (3 hours) and the ferry will take you all the way to Caticlan island – an island located 20 min away from Boracay by boat.

Don’t forget to take enough cash as you will face some extra costs like port fees that will come to additional PHP 200 -300.

Then it’s a short, fun boat ride over to the island!

Accommodation on Boracay

The island has it all, from cheap budget accommodation to 5-star super posh hotels. Depending what your budget is and how much you can afford to spend per night.

The closer you stay to White Beach and the further up you go the prices for accommodation tend to increase. White beach is divided into four stations.

We went for Alice In Wonderland – you can check out their accommodation on Booking.comThe price is affordable, rooms are basic but clean and is close to the action (located at station 3).

If you are stuck with your budget, we suggest- go off season and book accommodation for one night only.

You can find cheap places that aren’t online just walk around, and you’ll guarantee to find something that suits your daily budget.

Where to eat in Boracay

Where to eat in Boracay on a budget.

Delicious, fresh and on a budget.

Ok, when it comes to food the place has unlimited, amount of cheap and delicious spots.

Ranging from amazing restaurants right on White Beach to huge food markets.

The best option is to walk around, get your bearings and eat in busy places (food guaranteed to be fresh), but if you do get tired of street food and people trying to convince you to eat at their restaurant, find the markets.

Away from the main spot, the fish market is full of fresh seafood where you can purchase whatever you want and take it to one of the many restaurants around the market.

The market is a big square and around it is the restaurants next door that will cook it for you. If you can negotiate, you may get excellent deal, so never agree to what they say first 🙂

You will find cheaper restaurants on station 3 comparing to 2 and 1. Station one has not only very expensive accommodation but also restaurants.

But if you do get to station 1, which we highly recommend, have one or 2 cocktails as they normally do 2 for one throughout the day in most bars 🙂 – Exit bar for rum and coke or beer for PHP 50.

Top 10 Things To Do In Boracay On A Budget

Top 10 Things To Do in Boracay Island On a Budget

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Here are our top things to do in Boracay which doesn’t require much budget spent and you can still have loads and loads of fun.

Okay now that you have made it to the island either by boat or plane lets begin on our top things to do in Boracay. They are ordered in our personal preference 🙂

10th best thing to do in Boracay on a budget 

Don’t miss the sunset

Yes, this one is completely for free and every evening you can enjoy this spectacle.

Sit on the sand, grab a cheap beer and watch the sun hiding behind the horizon and people taking endless selfies. This activity is not only fun but relaxing and different every day.

Sunset on White Beach Boracay

Sunset – Everyone is taking selfies.

9th Best thing to do in Boracay on a budget

Discover the island and meet locals

The island is not only White Beach even though many would think so. Moving away, you can explore an entirely different side of cheap restaurants and bars & fun and chatty locals.

The island is only 8 km long so don’t be afraid to spend at least one day just wondering around as you may discover something you wouldn’t otherwise.

8th Best thing to do in Boracay

Bargain on Island hopping

We were first told that only two can go on a boat and would cost us PHP 2 500 just for the trip! After asking around and spending few minutes on a conversation, we managed to get PHP 1 200 with beers 🙂 (price for 2).

So never take the first option, stay persistent and you’ll get a good deal.

Island hopping Boracay Philippines

Time for island hopping.

7th Best thing to do in Boracay on a budget

Check out Mt. Luho

You can either take a tricycle that will cost you about PHP 100-150 one way or get some exercise and climb it.

It’s not as hard as it looks and you’ll feel great once you get there, way back is much easier 😉

Mt Luho viewpoint is accessible via stairs and an additional fee of PHP 120 per person.

Mt. Luho top things to do in Boracay Philippines

View from Mt. Luho.


6th Best thing To Do in Boracay

 Go on a sunset cruise 

All these small boats you see every day on the water are rentable, and you can go on a 30 min cruise just before sunset to take even better selfies!

If you do decide to spend some of your $$$ on this activity make sure to bargain and say that you are happy to join other people.

More people on the boat cheaper for you (generally they can fit up to 8 people at once).  We paid PHP 600 for 2.


Sunset boat trip in Boracay

Watching sunset on the water.


5th Best thing to do in Boracay

Watch a fire dance Fire show in Boracay

Performances start every evening at various bars, restaurants or on the beach. Grab a beer and enjoy the spectacle.

You do not need to have a full expensive meal at a restaurant but if you are hungry grab some chips or pizza to share and enjoy the performance.

In the end, they do collect donations, but it is entirely up to you if you are willing to give anything.

4th Best thing to do in Boracay on a budget

Catch some sun and chill out on the beach

This one is free, and the beach is long enough to enjoy some sunshine away from crowds.

Boracay is busy year round but off peak, there seem to be fewer crowds and people only coming out from hotel rooms by sunset when it gets a bit cooler.

Boracay partying on a budget

Sunset drinks on a budget.


3rd Best thing to do in Boracay on a budget

Spend a day kite surfing or windsurfing

Where White Beach has relaxed atmosphere, the other one has all water sports activities you can imagine.

Do not wait until your last day of the holiday and check it out as soon as you can- windsurfing, kitesurfing and more – here you can rent all the equipment. It is not the cheapest thing to do but has some of the best winds for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Kitesurfing on a budget in Boracay

Perfect day for kitesurfing.


2nd Best thing to do in Boracay on a budget

Rent stand up paddleboard

You can rent one board for as little as PHP 250 an hour off peak. This fun activity lets you add some variety to your day and enjoy the views from the water.

We do recommend to make sure to check double the price and time allowed.

You can rent them out almost everywhere.

Best of things to do in Boracay on a budget

Snorkelling and beach sports

This one doesn’t cost you anything if you do have goggles, alternatively, rent them or purchase cheap ones in the shop (about PHP 150-300).

Buy them at the start of the holiday and it is something you can nearly never get bored of.

Volleyball or soccer games you can spot every day at the beach and all you need to do is ask if you could join if you don’t have your team/ball.

Alternatively, check out supermarkets for some cheap ones or ask at the place where you are staying, you won’t believe what they may have.

Top things to do on a budget in Boracay

Pink skies on the last day.



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10 Things to do in Boracay on a budget

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I love budget travels and I'm happy reading your post. I've visited Boracay 4 yrs ago for a week and looking at your list feels like I missed a lot of fun. haha I'd love to try windsurfing..Is it scary for someone who doesn't know how to swim? :)