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TAP Nightmare Flight Lisbon To The Azores: 36+ Hours

Have you ever dreamt of a flight that felt like a merry-go-round in the sky? Well, passengers en route to the Azores this winter got a taste of just that – a 15-hour escapade full of twists, turns, and unexpected pit stops, all without leaving the vicinity of Lisbon! 

TAP Air nightmare flight

A few years ago, we had a wonderful experience with TAP flying from Lisbon to Ponta Delgada(Azores) and wrote this article on top things to do in the Azores. But this plane journey sounds like an absolute nightmare!

Imagine boarding a plane in Lisbon, all set for the scenic Azores, only to find yourself embarking on a 15-hour aerial journey that, paradoxically, takes you right back where you started. This was the reality for passengers this winter in an odyssey that highlights the unpredictable nature of travelling to the Azores during this season.

The flight, managed by TAP, the country’s flagship airline, initially set off from Lisbon towards Terceira Island. However, an unexpected turn of events led to a diversion for refuelling, the first in a series of unanticipated detours. TAP later explained this rerouting was due to an unexpected worsening of the weather conditions, a common challenge in winter flights to the Azores. 

Upon attempting to resume their journey, the passengers found themselves once again in Lisbon after the weather dictated a return. TAP, emphasizing their commitment to safety, ensured the passengers were well cared for, providing meals during the unforeseen stop, according to the Portugal Resident.

Not one to give up, the flight made a second attempt, rerouting towards Lajes airstrip on the same island of Tericeira. Yet again, the worsening weather conditions forced the plane to land, this time in Ponta Delgada, another location in the Azores, but not their intended destination.

From Ponta Delgada, the plane took to the skies once more, only to conclude its serendipitous flight back to Lisbon early on Sunday morning. It was a journey full of twists and turns, quite literally.

In a remarkable turn of events, the passengers did eventually reach their destination on Terceira Island, landing at 9.20 pm the following night. Their journey, lasting a total of 36 hours, became an unintended extended trip, offering a unique story of perseverance and the unpredictable nature of winter travel in the Azores.

Hopefully, nobody was taking a weekend break like we were a few years ago. But the good news is the passengers arrived safe and sound.