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9 Reasons Why Travelling Alone Sucks In 2019

Let’s be honest travelling alone does sucks.

We must have see about 100 articles talking about “travelling Solo” and the benefits of going by yourself but rarely have people touched on the advantages of travelling as a couple.

Now don’t get us wrong travelling solo does have its benefits but after spending the past four years travelling the world as a couple, this is by far the best way to do it.

Here are 9 reasons travelling as a couple is better than travelling solo.

Travelling alone, one of the worst parts lots of selfies

1. You have no one to share your memories with

Don’t know about you, but there is nothing better than reminiscing about that time you got totally drunk and fell off a balcony or that time you got food poisoning.

Coming home after travelling alone feels almost empty a few months later.

Sure you experienced the time of your life but in 5 years from now, you will still be the only person that has that memory.

Okay were not trying to get all deep and cynical here but you get where we are coming from.

2. Meal times are clearly not as fun

Of course, when you do travel alone you should “technically” eventually make friends and have people to eat with and so on.

But there is nothing worse than a waiter asking you kind of awkwardly

“Table for …1?” *while awkwardly smiling at you* 

McDonalds and fast food places aren’t too bad but if you are on an island somewhere or even on a long journey to a new location those meals can be very dreary.

Let’s face it no one likes to eat alone.

3. Selfies, Selfies and more selfies…

You are travelling alone and you get to see one of the most incredible sunsets, viewpoints or scenic views of your life… you quickly take a selfie or send a snapchat to your friends.

The disadvantages of solo travel

Guess I will just take it myself then!

After a few months, this gets a bit annoying and although you probably have lots of “group” photos your still travelling by yourself.

Asking someone to take a picture of just “you” also seems somewhat demoralising after a few months.

4. Making friends is not actually that easy

Okay, sure you do get a whole lot of confidence when you first start travelling alone and end up talking to just about everyone.

making friends while solo travelling

But walking up to a group of people and saying, “heeeey!” is just easier with two people.

Plus if it does end up being extremely awkward or the group entirely ignores you then at least if you are travelling as a couple then you can laugh about it later.

By yourself, you just erase it from your memory or chuckle to yourself when you think about it a few months later.

Now, of course, you will likely meet other solo travellers but they will probably be like you on to the next destination and trying not to get to attached.

5. Solo travelling is fricken boring

This depends on where in the world you are travelling but going on “group tours” by yourself is boring!

Some of you reading this will probably disagree but there is nothing worse than being that one guy/girl on a tour bus which is on their own and just smiling and trying to blend in.

Snorkelling, surfing, cycling and almost every activity you can do while you are travelling is WAY more fun when you are a couple.

“Remember that time you saw that giant sting ray and it swam right up close to me?!” – *Said the solo traveller to himself*

6. Why am I even doing this? Where am I going with my life?

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Solo travelling is not all negative and some alone time is fantastic for you, but at a certain stage normally around the 3-week mark, you start to think about other things.

Other things then start to make you think about other things and you start living in the past, thinking about old times only to realise that any good times you will only be yours.

Just the small things like having a sunset beer by yourself and seeing a couple much happier than you can trigger a rollercoaster of thoughts.

Questions about “Why the hell am I doing this” or “Should I not of stayed in that job” can turn a  happy solo traveller into an unhappy solo traveller very fast.

Again we are not saying that alone time is wrong or bad, there just comes a point.

Too much of anything is never good.

7. You carry your own little laughs and small memories

Travelling alone memories

Solo travellers do meet loads of people on their travels and normally someone or something happens that is hilarious.

Like someone getting scammed at an ATM or someone having the worst diarrhoea ever.

These things are great but when you move to your next destination and make new friends and say something like

“Remember that time Sean had diarrhoea hahah?!

Oh, wait sorry you weren’t there” it gets a bit depressing.

Not to mention that a new bunch of people have no idea what you have been through.

It can also not be fun to have food poising and be on your own, luckily we were not when we had food poisining in Bali.

8. Travelling alone can be dangerous

When you do travel alone, there is no one you can double check with to make sure you are making the best decision.

You have no one to fall back on.

When you are sitting on the toilet with food poisoning on the Gili islands and you, have no one to call or get help you can put yourself at risk.

9. Travelling alone is expensive

For any solo traveller reading this, I am sure this one has you gasping. But as a couple things like accommodation, food, car, bike and everything else you will purchase on your travels can be halved.

Run out of money? In most cases you can rely on the other partner to help you out in a sticky situation.

Sure 16 dorm hostels are cheap but sharing a lovely double room with an ensuite is probably the same price if not cheaper in the long run.

Plus a lot of tour groups charge a “single supplement” fee just because you are on your own.

Travelling alone is not all bad

Before you start screaming and shouting at the screen saying we are stupid bla bla bla. Just take a moment and look it from a couple’s perspective reading an article on solo travel. 

You might disagree entirely with this article but hey it is just our experience. Are you a couple traveler or a solo traveler? Comment below. 

Hope you enjoyed this and feel free to share it with any solo travellers you know. We’re sure they will enjoy it haha