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Stressed about moving to Canada? Don't worry; we have you covered.  

We moved to Vancouver in early 2016 and spent an incredible two years there. During our time here we put together some guides that have helped 1000's of people moving to Canada. We have compiled all of our guides into one handy ebook with over 100 pages of useful information to help make your move to Canada that little bit easier.  

  • What to do on day one when you arrive in Canada. Everything you need to know about a working holiday visa in Canada.
  • 50 things we learnt moving to Vancouver Ways to extend your stay after your working holiday visa(IEC visa). 
  • Our epic 21-day road trip guide up the Canadian Rockies with tips. 
  • Bonus money transfer tips, personal advice and much more inside!  
  • 110+ pages of high quality content.  
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Moving To Canada

Before moving

Step by step guide on how to move to Canada.

Plus a working holiday visa(IEC) checklist

When you get here

Tips on where to stay, what to do and how to get set up on day 1!

Moving to Canada ebook

What to do when you are leaving

All good things must come to an end and we cover our experiences on what to do when you working holiday visa is finished. 

Plus options to stay in Canada longer. 

"A well thought out and practical guide with absolutely everything you need to know about moving to Canada and setting yourself up. From sending money to dealing with tax returns and everything in between, this guide is by far the most comprehensive one I've read as it even includes a 21 day Rockies Road Trip itinerary!  

Thank you Sunset Travellers for all the information in this guide, it certainly has answered lots of my questions and provided lots of useful tips to making sure I have the best IEC Working Holiday in Canada.  

I can't wait! "

Jemma M.

"Truly helpful book for anyone starting a journey of moving to Canada, temporarily or indefinitely. It contains all of the up to date information and instructions and it will surely help to prevent overlooking something that shouldn't be forgotten. Highly recommended read! "


Nikola G.

" You're ebook is brilliant though! There are a few chapters that cover topics you wouldn't even have thought off organising for the move over. The more tricky/grey matters have been explained through personal experience so it's reassuring to know that anyone can push through it for the overall goal of comfortably settling for their new life.  

Thanks for everything. "

Ruairi O'.

" Making the decision to move to Canada was an obvious one for me but the process and list of everything you need to remember/do before and on arrival soon clocked up to be big! I have been following Sunset Travellers for some time but this guide literally covers everything you can imagine to the IEC application process, exactly how to get all your documents in order, setting up SIN, bank account and mobile phone (the list goes on) is all included in this very detailed guide. They’ve even recommend road trips across B.C.  

This is the most complete guide I’ve seen anywhere and has made the process of moving here, so much easier and felt more comfortable having it for reference.  

Big thanks, absolutely worth it! A must have for anyone doing IEC.  

Thanks, "


" I found the Guide to be very informative & easy to get through. There was defiantly things in there that I was not aware of about moving/living in Canada such as doing our own taxes & getting a SIN number. So I can defiantly say I am more in the know after reading this.  

This guide 100% answered all my questions about moving to Canada and more! Delighted that I will know what I have to do in my first week, being someone that loves organisation planning this eBook was amazing!!  

Kind regards, "

Sarah J.

Moving to Canada ebook

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